9/5/15 September Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Had some days off and was out of town for a few days but got back to the grind today.  Being September this is our slowest month of the year so I may only be fishing a couple days a week.  Though I am booked tomorrow and then pulling my boat to have some work down on Monday, I will be running another small skiff in the mean time.  Anyways today we fished a 3/4 day and got out on the water early.  Caught some bait on the way back to Flamingo, nice that they were fairly easy to catch.  Anyways we did not see much at all for tarpon I fished a couple different channels and in some areas off the shoreline where tarpon had been a week ago.  Though did not see much of anything, not even a shark bite, things were very tough.  Anyways after a couple hours of that we bailed and decided to bend the light rods with some snapper and trout fishing which was pretty good and we were able to get some for dinner.  Tomorrow we may try again for a little bit for tarpon in the morning but likely not going to devote the day to it, right now you have to take what you can get fishing is not easy!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk