7/24/15 Everglades Tarpon Fishing in July out of Islamorada

Got back on track today had a 3/4 day we left out early.  Just barely made it past the rain and lightning that enveloped islamorada as we were leaving.  But it wasn’t bad for us just a little drizzle.  Got on the bait pretty good and managed to catch a few dozen.  We saw some tarpon rolling in a local channel nearby the bait area, and after yesterday I decided to give it some time there.  Not much activity for the first hour we saw fish rolling nearby and even right by our baits, but just not interested.  Finally after I was a few minutes from reeling up and moving on, we hooked a nice 70 lb fish and landed him.  We went back to where we were sitting and within a few minutes hooked another larger fish of 85 lbs or so.  He fought a little harder and drug us through the channel into various places.  Saw quite a few tarpon come up as we fought him so a big body of them must have moved in.  Anyways we landed him eventually and then set back up again.  After a little while we had another thump and reeled a little bit, and another 40 lb tarpon came up flying.  He was hooked good we landed him and that was pretty much it for the day, incoming tide died after that and it was about time to head home.  We also caught a few sharks, including lemon, blacktip, atlantic sharpnose, and nurse.  Great day!  No trip yet as of yet for tomorrow, but may go fun fishing.  Will be going out of town next week mid-week for a little bit then back at it in early august.  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk