7/23/15 July Everglades tarpon fishing report Florida Keys

Tried for tarpon again today.  We got out early at 6 and had to dodge a bit of weather.  I had plenty of bait leftover from the last couple days.  Had the lame weak incoming tide this morning.  Unfortunately for several hours too.  Did not see any fish early and no bites we tried a couple channels and then off the beaches where we found the big pack of them yesterday.  But today it was a different story did not see any fish at all, no jumpers or rollers, nothing.  When the tide slacked I ran up and down and looked for fish but just didn’t see much.  We tried moving around a couple times and tide eventually started falling, but just sharks.  We did catch a nice little hammerhead, a big lemon shark, and several blacktips and sharpnoses.  Last spot I tried had been one of my go-to afternoon spots the last couple weeks, but couldn’t get a bite there either.  We did eventually see one fish finally roll though we had run out of bait.  We finished the day catching a few nice trout and mangrove snappers.  Anyways slowest day of tarpon fishing I’ve had in a long time – you gotta have one some time.  Amazing with not much of a change in conditions it could go from full contact yesterday to hardly a scale to be seen today.  Anyways 3/4 day tomorrow we will likely try some different areas hopefully can find a few!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk