6/4/17 June Tarpon Fishing Everglades Islamorada Florida Keys

Got out with Paul and Chris again today.  The weather didn’t both us too much though some squalls were passing through the bay but we stayed out of them.  We caught some bait early… the summer time bait is really showing up and that is a good thing hopefully means it’ll be easy for bait the next couple months.  We checked some of the far distant areas for tarpon with it being flat calm early, though didn’t see any signs of life.  We looked hard too but not much, I didn’t even bother to try and fish.  We ran back and hit the channels where i’d been having some luck.  One area has held fish semi-consistently, and we started there.  Right off the bat we hooked a double header tarpon which was awesome!  Landed both fish too.  After that it seemed to quite right down.  We fished for another 45 minutes or so, then Paul hooked a nice 100 lb fish!  We fought him for a little bit and got him to the boat as well for some pictures and got a healthy release after 30 minutes or so.  After that I decided to try some other areas since it seemed to be slowing down.  We never had another tarpon bite, nor saw another fish either.  We did catch a hammerhead shark, and a few other sharks, but that was all.  A fellow captain I talked to fished some other areas and said he really struggled never having a tarpon bite all day, so we felt lucky to get what we did!  Hopefully some more fish move into the backcountry and settle into the areas, right now you just have to pick and move and hope a few swim by you… no guaranteed home runs right now!  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk