6/3/17 Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada in June

Got out with Chris and Paul today visiting from Overseas, the UK and France.  We tarpon fished and it was very good.  Had a good load of bait from yesterday so we were all set on that front.  We found a few fish in the channels yesterday where we were, and several rolled nearby us.  Paul got one early a small 30 lber.  Then got another one a little later after we moved of about 75 lbs, nice fish!  We also got a few sharks, and a nice surprise cobia!  After that things slowed down so we hit another channel.  We dropped into a load of tarpon… right place right time!  The boys proceeded to hook a double header which was cool!  Landed both fish and then we caught one last one, a bigger one for Chris of about 60 lbs.  After that things slowed up and we were about out of bait, so we headed home to dodge the incoming rainstorms.  All in all a great day of fishing in the everglades in islamorada.  Got the same crew for the next 4 days, today will be hard to top but hopefully we can come close.  5 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk