7/22/15 July Everglades Tarpon Fishing Report

We got chased around by the weather today.  Some big storms in the backcountry near the mainland, they just kept slowly growing.  We were able to run through and fished off the beach and were able to get on the other side of it.  Luckily it never got back on top of us though I could see some lightning in the far distance.  Anyways the tarpon didn’t mind first stop the tide was just getting slack and not much activity.  But we ran further up the way and caught the start of the falling tide.  Soon after some shark activity and then we hooked a nice 85 lb tarpon.  A good battle and we returned and jumped 3 more fish were not able to get the hooks in them.  We moved a little ways away where I saw a few fish starting to roll and jump, and we then proceeded to catch 3 more tarpon and a variety of sharks including a big lemon shark.  Great day for my anglers!  4 for 8

Capt. Rick Stanczyk