7/21/15 Tarpon Fishing Report in Late July Islamorada

Well today took my wife, dad, and manager of the marina Stephen Byrd out fishing after being off for a few days.  We were targetting snook and redfish.  We had a ball catching double digit snook and a half dozen redfish, plus a few other things.  Though on the way out we came across some big balls of mullet in the gulf so we had some tarpon bait.  We decided to try and catch Stephen a tarpon to complete his backcountry SLAM (redfish, snook, tarpon).  Anyways we stopped off the beaches on some numbers I like for the last 20 minutes, and within about 10 minutes we hooked a nice 40 lb fish and he caught it on the last of the falling tide.  Great way to end the day!  I am booked for the next few days then going out of town at the end of the month for a little bit.   August is right around the corner I have some open days, fishing for tarpon should stay pretty good in the everglades through to September, gimme a buzz if you want to get on them!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk