4/8/14 Prefrontal april islamorada tarpon fishing report

Well the winds howled today 20 knots out of the southwest.  It made for a little uncomfortable ride though nothing too bad just a little spray.  I ran into the backcountry hoping that at least a few of the tarpon that were back there the last few days would still remain.  Unfortunately the wind had swung around west enough where it had made the channels complete mud holes.  I had caught tarpon in worse, but not today.  We did catch plenty of sharks though.  Anyways I tried a couple spots in the channels then ran and tried another more protected backcountry channel, and nothing but sharks.  So we ran back near islamorada in hopes of finding an afternoon local fish.  We got lucky and caught a nice 85 lber which made the day and also kept my April streak alive!  Unfortunately we are getting a cold front tonight and tomorrow night and the temps are going to get into the 60s, likely slowing down the tarpon fishing for a few days.  Hopefully tomorrow the water stays in the mid 70s as I have a tarpon trip on the books!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk