4/7/14 April Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Fished a full day today and got to run back into the florida keys everglades to tarpon fish.  We had some mullet left over from the other day and a few freshies as well.  The winds were hard out of the southeast making for a little bumpy ride but nothing my seacraft couldn’t handle.  We set up in the channels and soon enough we had our first fish on.  We landed him and then set back up.  After 45 minutes or so we hooked a double header!  One we didn’t think was a tarpon and we raced up near it, grabbed the leader, and then up jumps a tarpon!  Popped him off and went after the other one.  What fun!  We then had another one we had on and got near the boat but pulled the hook on though had the leader to the tip so a technical release.  Jumped another 4 fish at least making us 4 for 8 for the day – great tarpon fishing in islamorada!  We also had some bonuses including a variety of sharks, a big 250 lb tiger shark, and a cobia!  You can’t beat a day fishing like that in the florida keys in april.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk