5/20/15 May Islamorada Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Well the wind laid out flat calm today.  We caught a little bait early in the morning but with the falling water now there isn’t much locally early.  We tried close to home where I’d been having some luck the last few days.  Plenty of fish were showing in there today, rolling all through the channel.  We had to wait patiently but eventually a little over an hour after we set up we had our bite.  Landed a nice 70 lb fish.  Then we ran into the backcountry off the beaches of the mainland.  Had the last of the falling tide and saw a couple fish splashing around.  Set up and soon we had a tarpon on.  Caught him and then a few sharks, jumped another tarpon, then tide switched.  We moved around a little, and then hooked a double header tarpon.  Landed one and the other ran way out and eventually we pulled the hook.  A few more sharks then we jumped a couple more tarpon, moved one last time and then hooked and caught another one.  Not a bad day at all action all throughout.  I have the same guys tomorrow so perhaps more of the same they love tarpon!  4 for 8

Capt. Rick Stanczyk