3/6/14 March Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report Half Day

We fished a half day this morning.  Mullets were thick right in the marina basin, we caught plenty in a few throws, big balls of mullet that we like to see in the spring with tarpon even busting them.  I tried some of the local channels for the first 45 minutes, end of the falling tide.  Tough to fish as tide was into the wind hard.  Saw several fish rolling, but not active or happy.  We went and caught snappers for dinner then gave it a try again once the tide turned.  Now the wind and current were together, much easier to fish.  We put live and dead baits out, within a few minutes we had a nervous mullet and a hungry tarpon after him.  He finally hammered him and we caught him – a nice 40 lb fish.  We went back and more of the same, missed several on the live baits, lost one around a lobster bouy, but ended up catching a couple more.  The mullets were very large so tough to eat for resident size 40-60 lb fish.  But fun as heck to watch them blow the mullets up!  We ended up catching 3 out of 10 or so, epic fishing in only about 2 hours.  Things will likely change though, incoming cold front will slow it down again for a little bit, but will likely be a good thing overall as if it is too nice early in the season may and june can be tougher fishing for tarpon.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk