3/5/14 March Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

We gave it a go today again.  Caught some bait early and tried the local islamorada tarpon fishing channels.  Not much activity on the last of the falling tide.  We left when the tide quit and caught some more mullet in some big muds.  Ran into the backcountry to give it a whirl.  Had falling tide back there for a while and fish were rolling a bit, but not very active.  Half a dozen boats were out there but I did not see any of them fighting tarpon, I think they are still being picky.  The wind had swung around southeast and was fairly light, plus overcast, seemed it would of been a good condition.  We caught several sharks and a couple big ‘mud marlin’.  Later in the day we tried around town, and when the tide switched again we finally hooked up.  Nice 50 lb tarpon to end the day.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk