8/27/2021 End of August Tarpon in the Florida Keys

Well August is nearing it’s end here.  Had a busy week last week and now September is upon us and is usually the slowest month for business here with storm season being in full swing plus school starting.  But not necessarily a bad time to fish, actually quite the opposite it can often be a fantastic month for fishing!  The last week here we had pretty good fishing.  The first couple days we did not really focus on tarpon but did happen to catch several.  3 small juveniles while snook fishing on Monday, and then Tuesday we caught 3 as well one juvenile, then a couple larger ones one on a pinfish and one on a mullet – funny 3 different baits and all produced tarpon (the first one ate pilchards which we were using for snook).  Then Thursday we focused on tarpon the whole morning with the bigger rods and actually wasn’t quite as easy – sometimes it feels like when you go all in one them its hard, and when you are just not so focused on them sometimes they come easier!  But we did have a couple bites and jumped off a large 100 lber, and at the end of the trip caught a nice 40-50 lber.  But so it goes and needless to say there are tarpon still around here in the Islamorada area.  A few reports from today I heard said that a few new groups of fish were out & about, so maybe this bodes well for September!  Anyways as I said I am not super busy so if you are wanting to come down & fish I’ll likely have days available with shorter notice here for the next month or so.  And I’ll shoot you straight if fishing seems like it’s not going to be good, I’m just as happy to stay home too!  So drop me a line and make sure to sign up to my mailing list for when I open up my bookings for 2022, they’ll likely fill up fast.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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