8/17/2021 Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades in August

I’ve still been getting out a fair bit, but not every day as we’re entering more ‘off season’ mode here.  Tarpon fishing has still been hit & miss we never really got any consistent ‘red hot’ summer fishing though there has been fish around and if you put time in most days you get a few shots.  But as of late I’ve been doing more snook fishing and other things, and just giving the tarpon a try for a little bit.  I did have a couple of my last few trips yield big results too… yesterday we landed 4 tarpon in the last spot of the day after a great morning of snook fishing.  Kind of unexpected but we just happened into them!  And earlier this month I had a couple fishing with me who said they really wanted tarpon and of course I obliged, we gave it a shot first thing after not having a bite the previous two trips that we tried.  But sure enough they were happy on this day and we landed 4 in the morning on that trip.  So needless to say tarpon is still a definite possibility and will be until winter time and it starts to get cold.  But when I’m not super confident in it I may recommend doing other things and not dedicated a ton of time to it, so then you still get to catch a variety of things and have a good day of fishing regardless. Though all that being said, we’ve had years where September and October are sometimes some of the best tarpon fishing we get all year.  While I don’t think that will be the case this year (Late March through early June were tremendous for tarpon, just summer was a little slower than normal) it still may get better than it is now and worth dedicated the whole trip to again.  But time will tell.  Anyways if you are wanting to go fishing drop me a line, I have a little more short notice availability these days and I’m not pushing to fish super hard anyways.  So I’ll shoot you straight as to what’s biting and do my best to make my anglers happy!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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