9/3/2020 Early September Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys

Well it’s officially off season now here in the Keys.  Fishing is still really good but not a whole lot of people fishing this time of year as it’s just not too busy.  The threat of storms and school starting back keeps the crowds away.  So it’s often a great time to come enjoy our piece of paradise if you want to have it a little more to yourself.  Right now there are a few tropical systems brewing out there but we have yet  to see if they’ll affect us.  I always work with people this time of year so if you make a reservation and it looks to be in jeopardy due to weather, don’t worry we can reschedule, cancel, whatever we need to do.

Now on to the fishing… the tarpon bite has been pretty good the last couple of days.  I’ve had tarpon action on every trip with exception to one.  It got a little slower right around the full moon, we still managed a couple fish one day.  The day after we only tried for about 45 minutes and didn’t get a bite but went on to other stuff.  But the last two days were good we caught 4 out of 6 two days ago, and 1 out of 4 yesterday.  We also caught 2 very large snook one day while tarpon fishing, and another decently large one the day after that which was really cool.  We will have a nice stretch of weather coming up next week as it’s been fairly windy here this week for this time of year… so it might get even better!

Give me a shout if you are looking to schedule a trip.  I have plenty of days open and will probably still offer a few discounted trips to those who ask ahead of time.  But I’ve almost got enough days booked this month that I’ll probably stop offering them soon!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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