3/3/19 March Everglades Tarpon Fishing Backcountry

Nice day for Rick and Alan today! They wanted tarpon and o told them it had been a good early start with the season so far. Things were a little slow to start, we had to wait on the tide and not much going on. Found a good pack of tarpon early but the sharks were eating everything we got out there. We moved around and waited for tide. It got going soon enough, but the tarpon just didn’t want to play still! We waited them out and soon enough hooked up. Alan got a nice tarpon to the boat, but he came off on the leader so no pics. After that we hooked another that we got about a 65 lber. After that we got a few more sharks, then Rick had a couple shots but both fish missed the hooks and the baits escaped. Finally his rod went off again with a monster fish about 150 lbs, and Alan hooked one at the same time – double header! We chased Rick’s around and held on to Alan’s, but unfortunately the line snapper on Alan’s, mustve had a knick in it somewhere as it snapped down deep in the spool but we had quite a bit of line out at that point. But we got Rick’s fish. After that things seemed to slow down, we caught a few more sharks and saw some tarpon but they weren’t having any of it. But overall great day with 3 tarpon landed, and first ones for both these anglers. Back at it tomorrow.  3 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing