8/27/2020 Late August Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

Well back at it after a few days off during our brief encounter with Tropical Storm Laura.  We were very lucky the storm just slightly grazed us earlier in the week.  We had some 40+ mph winds and a little bit of rain, but nothing too crazy.  It did stir up the backcountry a bit which wasn’t good for fishing in the immediate days following but probably a good thing in the long run as it helps circulate water in some of those trapped areas where things get hot and stagnate in the dead of summer.  Anyways I went out yesterday and caught a bit of bait which was pretty easy, and today I had Jeff fishing with me.  We headed out early and I wasn’t sure what to expect but we’ve had 3 days since the storm passed so I figured things had probably had a chance enough to settle down.  We looked around a few spots early and stumbled into a few tarpon.  Low and behold it turned out to be a pretty red hot bite, we ended up catching 5 tarpon and jumped a few more!  So great to see and my hope is September continues to be awesome for the tarpon.  A couple years ago that was definitely the case.  We caught a few snook and a redfish later in the trip to complete the Backcountry Slam, and called it an early 3/4 day.  I’m fishing again tomorrow and have a good handful of days already booked in September.  But pretty good availability so if you are itching to come down give me a shout… it can be some pretty big fishing in the early Fall here as you can see.  I’m more than happy to move things around too if we have the threat of any more storms or anything like that.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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