8/18/2020 Late August Tarpon Report for Islamorada

Well had few days off over the weekend to relax and got back to the grind today.  We fished a 3/4 day, good conditions with it nice & calm.  I had leftover bait from Friday that I had iced good so we were good on that front and didn’t have to spend time catching it.  Fishing was a little tougher today, had falling tide for the first couple hours of the trip.  Found some fish where we had been crushing them last week, but today they seemed in a different mood… moving around a lot and I think the big body of them just worked their way right out of the area as soon as we got there.  We spent some time looking and saw a handful of stragglers, but no response when we put out our baits just a few sharks.  We moved to another area and found a load of tarpon here.  Lots of little guys in the 20 lb range but a few larger ones mixed in too.  Sharks weren’t too bad and I thought we were going to crush them, but they didn’t seem real happy either.  We definitely had them rolling and splashing all around us, and I had my fingers crossed they’d fire off any second.  But we fished for 45 minutes or so there before the tide quit.  Then right when it changed I said be ready maybe they’ll fire up with the tide change.  Sure enough we got a bite and caught a nice tarpon, unfortunately he broke off on the leader boatside as we got tip wrapped while I was leadering the fish and he kicked once and snapped off.  But a good catch none the less.  After that though, the tarpon really seemed to settle and drift out again.  We ran around and saw a few more splashing, set up again but no bites though we did get some more sharks, a tripletail, and a big lemon shark.  Was about time to head in and we gave it an extra 20 minutes in another channel.  We did end up seeing a few more tarpon here, and moved a couple times and got another bite out of one.  Though unfortunately he didn’t stay on the hook.  So tougher fishing compared to last week, had to work hard to catch 1!  But good news was we did see plenty of fish, and saw them in several areas.  So hopefully they’ll turn back on again here soon.  Have a few more days fishing this week though may not be doing tarpon a whole lot, but it could still be good through October here so don’t be afraid to ask!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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