7/22/2021 Tarpon bite really turned on today in the Everglades

Well the last couple of days the tarpon fishing did get a bit better in the everglades for us.  It had been a bit of a grind as of late still we had been catching tarpon, but just having to put a lot of time in, fishing hard moving around and going through a lot of bait to eek out a bite or two.  However the last couple of days we managed to get a half dozen bites each trip.  The first of those days we missed the first 4 tarpon – just very light bites not aggressive and as soon as the fish came out of the water the bait/hook was being spit.  However we did manage to catch a couple tarpon later in the day on these trips so we got 2 out of 6.  One of them was a large 65 lber so that was nice and quite the battle to get him in.  The second day luck was on our side we caught a nice tarpon early in our first stop.  Then moved out to the same area we had the 4 bites previously and we ended up catching 5 more, plus a couple of large jumbo snook!  Now I will say it still took some work we had to reposition the boat often, no just sitting there and getting bit up having them come to us.  But with the extra effort and getting in the right spot, it seemed to produce a bite on each move.  And some days the bites are just good bites and they stay on the hook, and others they just are just going through the motions and spit it out quick.  But anyways good signs I’m hoping we are still due to have things get a little more consistent and easy hopefully sometime in August or maybe even later in september or october.  But tarpon are definitely still possible fishing here in Islamorada and I’ll have more short notice availability these next few months plus I have my other boat with Capt. Brandon running too, so give me a shout!

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Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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