Start of the summer time backcountry tarpon season

Well the daytime bridge fishing is starting to get a little more inconsistent.  I had a good long run this year, much longer than I normally do.  Usually by early June I’m starting to venture in the backcountry more in search of tarpon, however this year the bridge fishing was solid until just recently.  Today we fished the backcountry channels and found some decent schools of fish.  Had to work a little at it and got chased around by some weather, but Chris managed to catch 3 nice 30 to 40 lb tarpon and we jumped off 1 more.  Right now the bait is a little difficult to catch but there are a few fish around, as we get closer to July things should start to settle out and get more consistent – july is often one of my best months!  I will be on vacation the first couple weeks however, though I do have a handful of days at the end of July available and August is fairly wide open.  Some years August and even September are very good for tarpon, some years it’s just fair.  But they are definitely still catchable.  Drop me a line if you want to get out there, business is slowing down and I’ll have more availability short notice and I’ll always shoot you straight with what’s going on with the tarpon fishing.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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