David’s Long Key Bridge tarpon battle!

A great battle with an awesome tarpon for David… this fish takes us through the bridge in some different directions.  We get tangled in another captains lines but thankfully working together we are able to un-do it.  We get some neat underwater footage chasing the fish on the trolling motor.  And finally a successful release but not before the fish gives a nice couple jumps boatside!

The tarpon bite has still been nothing short of stellar but I’ve still been fishing around the bridges mostly.  The last few years I’d been starting to venture deep into the everglades for resident tarpon and then fishing the regular backcountry areas in the later summer/fall.  But the bridge bite has still just been really good so we’re still doing that.  Every year is different and I always go where the fish are!

Right now I’m pretty much all booked up through until the last week of July.  But plenty of dates available in August, September, and October.  The tarpon bite is a little more hit & miss then, but some years it’s really good at those times.  Though we do usually have good fishing for snook, redfish, tripletail, and other things then if the tarpon aren’t happening.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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