5/21/15 Keys Tarpon Fishing Report Late May

Well it was fairly calm again today but the wind in the backcountry started to blow slightly out of the west/northwest.  Definitely changed things around.  We departed early at 6 AM and ran back there.  We were able to crush the mullet early on which was nice.  Fished some channels and did not see much caught a shark.  Then ran where we got into them yesterday, though today it was a different story.  Did not see much at all we did have 3 bites though but fish just weren’t showing.  We landed 1, lost 1, and jumped another off on the bite.  Plus lots of blacktip sharks.  After that we tried a couple other spots, didn’t see much.  Ran back near town to try and had a couple cudas eat us off, caught a couple sharks, and only saw 1 tarpon roll.  Gonna leave early tomorrow and try it again!  1 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk