4/29/17 Late April Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Winds kicked up today about 25 mph out of the southeast so it was rough!  My guys booked me last minute as I had the day scheduled off but decided to fish the morning if someone wanted to go.  We tried locally around the bridges and didn’t have much luck, it was tough fishing with the kicking wind, weed, etc…  We ended up fishing close to home the last hour and a half, and within 20 minutes we hooked a nice 100 lb tarpon!  It ended up taking the rest of the morning to catch, we got him on the leader several times but he wouldn’t cooperate for a boatside picture, so we ended up popping him off as we were trying to get him to roll over.  Anyways the guys were happy to land one they had fished down at bahia honda the night before and hooked 6 (it’s supposedly going off down there right now!) but they didn’t get any to the boat as most got in the bridge, jumped off, and one even got eaten by a shark!  Unfortunately we didn’t get the good pics of this one, but they were happy to have officially caught one.  Full day tomorrow, may head down to the big bridge at long key as it’s been good fishing down there though I really don’t like dealing with the 50+ boats there but with as windy as it is, might be the best option.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk