4/19/18 April Full Day Backcountry Tarpon Fishing

Got out with Michael and Kevin today for some tarpon fishing.  We tried locally around town first but not much going on there.  Weak end of the tidal flow, very clear water with it being super calm after the cold front.  Saw some fish but they weren’t doing much.  We did see one caught but we bailed.  We did some light rod fishing and caught some trout, then looked in some channels for tarpon.  Found a few which was great!  Sharks only at first, but as we were releasing one of them, Michael hooked up on a nice 50 lb tarpon!  We landed him and he put on quite a show jumping.  No boatside pictures though as he pulled the hook on the leader, but a good release none the less.  After that we caught some triple tails in the gulf as it was slick calm.  Checked another area for tarpon and saw a few there too, not a ton but a decent amount.  No more bites though that was all she wrote for us.  Glad to be back on the board!  Looks like tomorrow should be similar conditions to today, then the wind will pick up a little over the weekend but shouldn’t be cranking.  I’m off tomorrow but back at it Saturday.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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