4/17/18 April Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Trip

Got out with Chris, Kyle, and James today for a full day april tarpon fishing trip.  The cold front came in and the temperatures dropped a good bit.  Water temps were back down in the mid 70s locally, and in the 60s in the backcountry.  Normally mid 70s is OK for tarpon, but when it drops from being in the low 80s they don’t like it as much.  We found a few fish early on around the bridges, but not much activity out of them.  We moved around and eventually got one interested.  He gave us a bite but stole the mullet and then didn’t come back.  We then bent the light rods for a little bit on the patch reefs.  We tried tarpon again later on, found a few big jack crevells in the channels and a shark.  We moved several times and found a couple other groups of tarpon but they just were not interested.  We may of had one other pick up our bait and zip it before stealing it, not sure what it was.  Anyways the streak is over at 19 trips in a row, pretty good but I figured the cold front may do me in.  Oh well time for a new one!  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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