6/10/14 June Tarpon Fishing in the Keys

Dreary looking morning we had lots of weather around for our june islamorada tarpon fishing this AM.  Though it passed north of us and kept it overcast which was fine with me as it’s been very hot lately.  We had good tarpon action first thing, I had caught mullet the afternoon before and we kept some alive which was good because there were not many around this morning when we looked.  We had some cheap shots and a couple good live bait bites, then finally hooked a fish.  We jumped him off and then hooked another one shortly after that we caught of 60 lbs or so.  After that it was pretty much over we had one other cheap shot, and the current got weak and lots of sargasm weed around so we moved.  No tarpon in the next area so we went and did some light tackle stuff for a while.  Tried the tarpon in the backcountry and we got some sharks but no tarpon.  We tried another spot on the way home and it didnt look real good – very green, hot water almost 90 degrees.  But I did see a couple tarpon roll and right before it was time to go we hooked a nice 40 lber that we caught to finish the day.  So 2 for 5 on the day not bad.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk