6/11/14 Keys Tarpon Fishing in June

Today we ran in the backcountry in the morning.  Did some light tackle stuff, then we came across a nice school of mullet and were able to catch a couple dozen.  I tried some of the backcountry channels and off the mainland shoreline, though not much for tarpon going on there but we did catch several sharks.  We finished up around town again with the last of the outgoing tide, very low water and hot – 90 degrees on my temp gauge!  We had 3 bites and landed one nice fish of 100 lbs that screams off probably close to 300 yards of line.  We gave chase and after he slowed down it wasn’t a long battle, I think the long run in the hot water did him in!  Tomorrow I have a morning half day tarpon trip and an evening trip, hopefully it is good!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk