4/10/15 April Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Had a half day today.  We didn’t have luck with bait this morning.  Also this afternoon I caught a bull shark in my net which tore a nice hole in it.  Bait is still very tough hopefully once we get away from the full moon it will get easier!  Anyways we ran into the backcountry where I was yesterday since it was so good then.  We had the last of the incoming tide.  Sharks bit us up we caught several black tips and a nurse shark.  No tarpon and we fished for an hour until tide slacked.  I ran over to the other channel nearby and we waited for the tide to turn, quick turnaround.  Anyways we sat for about 30 minutes and things were looking grim plus we didn’t have too much longer to fish since it was only a half day.  Eventually we got our bite though a nice 85 lb tarpon!  Very funny bite too he did not run very hard he shook his head and almost thought it was another nurse shark.  Anyways we landed him and then we had a few minutes left so I said we could give it a little longer.  It paid off we had another bite pretty soon after and landed another 75 lb tarpon.  It’s funny how it can go from balls to the wall one day fishing to hoping you’ll just get one bite the next – but that’s fishing!  We were very happy to get two tarpon, and like I told the customers I’ll take catching 2 just about any day!  Anyways two morning and evening half days the next two days so i’ll be back with some more reports soon.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk