4/9/15 Everglades April Tarpon Fishing Report

Good fishing for us today.  I had Steve and Ray.  Steve and his girlfriend fished with me a couple days ago (yesterday I had a day off finally).  We ran way in the backcountry trying to get into a hot tarpon bite.  We found quite a few fish but it was very rough and could not really get them to bite.  We hopped around and caught a bunch of sharks and a nice 40 lb goliath grouper.  Today we made up for the tarpon.  The boys landed 5 out of 8 fish all on fresh mullet we caught yesterday and this morning.  The bait has been a little tough lately many of the live bait guys are struggling to get a few together to sell.  There have been a few big balls of bait around but you have to be there at the right place, right time, before they get hammered by the commercial mullet guys.  We ran into some on the way home today and took a little time to catch 3 dozen which was great.  We also caught a 30 lb cobia after we finished with the tarpon this morning plus a few ladyfish and trout.  Great day!  0 for 0 and then 5 for 8.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk