5/4/14 May Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Still plugging away, not loads of fish the last few trips but getting 1 each time – we’ll take it!  Went into the backcountry today.  Same guys I had yesterday.  We had a northerly wind but didn’t stop us from having a great day.  We caught mullet back there around the islands.  Black mullets mostly instead of the usual silvers.  They are fine for dead bait, not great for live though.  Anyways we caught plenty of blacktip sharks back there, a big lemon shark, and then 1 nice 70 lb tarpon.  Caught some stuff for dinner after that, then tried this afternoon around town.  Not much happening though then, weak incoming tides in Islamorada.  Plus tons of boat traffic and morons on jet skis… have to love the weekends!  Most the action has been on the falling tides as of late which are in the mornings, and in the late afternoon/evenings.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk