5/5/14 Early May Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fished again for a full day today.  Luck was not on our side.  We had decent action throughout the day but were not able to land a fish.  We started around town in Islamorada.  Had a bite right off the bat and I hooked the fish, handed it to my angler, and the fish turned and line went slack and he was gone.  A heartbreaker though tough deal with one angler.  He jumped another fish off an hour or so later and we had another fish grab and spit a mullet.  Quite a few ‘cheap shots’ too, the tarpon were having fun with the mullets.  After about 10:30 we ran into the backcountry to give it a try back there.  We jumped one fish and caught several sharks and a cobia.  We then hooked up on a fish that we fought for a couple minutes.  Chased him down though we jumped him off about 30 feet from the boat.  What a shame but that’s why they call it fishing not catching.  Anyways we had good action as I said throughout the day getting 5 solid tarpon bites and several other attempts.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk