5/4/17 Good Everglades Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys in May

Nice day again today light breeze out of the East.  Was out with the Stepan Polymers crew again today, with Art and Bob.  We ran right to the tarpon grounds and had very good fishing, as good as it gets.  We hooked two double headers in a row!  The first one got off though we landed one fish, then we caught both the next go round, then we ended up catching another single fish, all in about 45 minutes… it was crazy!  We ended up staying and caught 2 more tarpon in the next hour or so.   We fished from 8:30 to about 10:00 for tarpon and ended up going 6 for 9… just ridiculous!  May be all over tomorrow though as we are suppose to be getting a strong southwest breeze.  Not gonna be nasty for long though looks like it’ll calm down again Sunday and should have good conditions if the fish don’t go too far!  6 for 9

Capt. Rick Stanczyk