9/6/15 September Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

Fished today and gave the tarpon a try.  Bait was OK this morning but will probably be tough for the next week again or so as we have falling tides in the early morning.  That has been much more difficult for the bait catching.  Anyways we fished around flamingo tried some different channels from yesterday first thing.  No love again not even any shark bites, the sharks are few and far between too.  We then ran and fished the same channel I tried yesterday which had been good a couple weeks ago.  We fished hard and after 20 minutes or so we finally go our bite and Steve landed a nice 60 lb tarpon.  That was it though no more tarpon or shark bites, did not see much rolling or any other signs of life.  We decided to finish the rest of the day with trout and snapper on the light rods.  That fishing was very good.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk