8/28/15 Late August Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Back at it again today.  Yesterday we got cancelled due to crazy weather.  I thought today may be more of the same but not so.  Light southereasterly winds.  Anyways bait was very tough we check 3 spots and the final spot we finally saw a handful flipping and were able to catch 30 or so.  Falling tides in the AM have been tough on the bait and today was no exception.  Anyways we ran around flamingo to where the tarpon had been good last week on the incoming water.  We did not see much tough we had a shark bite after 20 minutes or so.  He pulled off and then saw a tarpon rolling behind our boat.  A few minutes later we hooked him and chased after him.  We landed a nice 60 lb fish.  After that things got very grassy likely due to the crazy wind/storms the previous days.  We moved around and tried a couple other spots, though no life at all.  We ran out off the beaches to the west to catch the start of the incoming tide.  Tried a couple different areas though could not even get a shark bite – very slow fishing.  We then ran back towards flamingo to catch the start of the incoming tide there and tried another channel.  We had a few shark bites there and did catch a big blacktip to finish the day.  Anyways slow day though any day you get a tarpon is a good one, especially this late in the year!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk