4/3/16 Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out today with John and his buds after tarpon and other things.  We found a big ball of bait early this morning and loaded up that helped tremendously.  Though I had a tough day yesterday seeing this first thing made me change my mind about tarpon fishing today so we got right at it.  We found some fish locally in the channels and set up though we had the change of the tide and a storm rolled in.  So we docked into the dock for 30 minutes to wait it out.  Things were fine soon after and the tide was rolling out so we ventured out again.  We found the tarpon in the same area and set up we had some cheap shots and soon hooked a nice 90 lb fish John landed.  Then we had a few more cheap shots and caught a big jack, then we hooked another tarpon that we lost on a crab trap line unfortunately.  We also had a big shark come out and chase the tarpon I think a hammerhead just saw him for a moment.  After that we went patch fishing and then for the last couple hours we tried for tarpon again.  No luck in the first stop, though the 2nd stop we started wailing on them.  We hooked several and landed two more with plenty of other cheap shots.  It was incredible action on the last of the outgoing tide.  Looking forward to tomorrow have a morning and an evening trip.  3 for 7

Capt. Rick Stanczyk