3/8/15 Islamorada Half Day Tarpon Fishing Trip

Today we had some rain and weather that sat on us in the morning, plus a lot of wind out of the east.  We avoided it early while bait fishing, and we did see a huge black ball of mullet come into some of the local islamorada channels.  We were able to load up on bait for a few days.  I got to fishing around 8 as we waited a little later due to the time change.  It started pouring on and off for about an hour first thing.  We had one fish pick up a bait and swim with it on the bottom, never knew what it was as it dropped it after a minute of chasing him.  Anyways we set back up and not much action so we moved.  Had some activity right away on live baits in another channel and hooked and landed a nice 60 lb tarpon.  After that we caught some stuff on the light rods including ladyfish, jacks, and snapper.  Came in around noon, great half day trip considering the conditions!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk