3/22/15 Florida Keys Bridge Tarpon Fishing

Well I was suppose to have the day off today though I switched it around with next Thursday.  I had a regular of mine Alex who had me booked that morning but was able to switch it to today which worked better for me.  It proved to be a good move.  I had plenty of mullet from yesterday afternoon which we had caught, and caught a few livies on the way out this morning.  We set up where the school of fish was yesterday with the last trickle of falling tide.  I put the live mullet out and action was almost instant we had a couple cheap shots, missed one bite, then a few minutes later hooked this nice 50 lb fish.  We landed him and had a few good jumps.  Alex was done after that and we went meat fishing which was excellent we got our limit of hogfish and came home.  I have the next few days and then Thursday and Sunday I finally have a couple days off after going for a month straight!  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk