Early August Tarpon Fishing report for Islamorada

Well I’m back from my trip and have fished the last several days.  First day things got shuffled around big time on me.  We had that tropical storm graze by and that brought some heavy winds and rain while I was gone.  So it shuffled things up a bit.  My first day back, we only saw a handful of tarpon and no bait where I had done really well right before I left.  A rain storm then chased us away but it chased us too a bunch of bait so we caught that and looked in some other areas for tarpon.  We did find some but they were finicky, we managed 2, possibly 3, bites and hooked one fish we lost.  But that was about it for the day aside from sharks.  But day 2 I had the same crew and we fished a different area and after a bit of looking we found a good load of tarpon.  We ended up catching 5, so the guys made up for the day before!  The following day after that I had a different crew, and things again switched up a little.  We caught a tarpon right away where we had crushed them the day before, but that was it.  Saw a few more but they didn’t respond.  We only had a 6 hour trip, but we made one more move and looked in another area on the way home where I had not been in a while.  Sure enough after some hard looking we found more tarpon, and caught one more before it was time to go home.  So there are definitely fish around here in August, some days you make all the right moves and you may have phenomenal fishing.  Other days you may have to spend more time looking and fishing to get your bites.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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