8/8/2020 + 8/9/2020 August tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys!

Got out with Mike and Joe for a couple of days.  Day 1 we focused on tarpon in the backcountry.  We found a nice fish early on, a good size one for the summer 75 lbs or so.  We got drenched in the process of fighting her but it was well worth it!  After that things slowed down but we found some more fish later in the day and had a fantastic end to the trip landing 3 more tarpon!  Also caught a tripletail, some sharks, and a few other odds & ends.  Today we focused on some goliath grouper and we caught a half dozen of those, smaller fish in the 5 to 30 lb range mostly on lighter tackle which was fun.  But we caught another tarpon on the way home.

Anyways the fishing in August is looking pretty good still for tarpon.  We’re seeing a lot of bait around and have had lighter winds, and sticking more to the easterly direction aside from the tropical storm we had nearby a week ago.  So far it seems a bit more consistent than our July, so don’t be surprised if we have good fishing through into October for tarpon.  After this coming week, I have plenty of availability.  Don’t be afraid to ask about tarpon fishing, I’ll shoot you straight if I think it’s worth going or not – to be honest in the off season I’d rather stay home if I don’t think the fishing is going to be good.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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