9/4/17 September Tarpon Fishing Everglades

Got out with return clients Zeb and Suzy today for a full day of everglades tarpon fishing.  We caught a bit of bait early and went right where we found them yesterday.  Today though was a different day, we didn’t see much early on but after a little driving around we started to see a handful roll.  We didn’t get any bites early on and probably moved half a dozen times where we had seen fish come up but they just didn’t want to play.  We eventually had one bite but unfortunately the fish jumped at us and didn’t stay buttoned and it was over before we knew it.  I talked to a friend who was out in another channel and he said it was similar for him they saw a decent amount of fish but never had a bite.  But at least the sharks kept us busy we had some big blacktips and big lemon sharks.  We ended up running out of mullet since fishing was tough we were using them up trying to make it happen, we went and caught some trout and ladyfish.  We then tried again the last hour with the fresh ladyfish and the tide coming in, but didn’t see any tarpon after that but got a couple more sharks.  Oh well as I say it is ‘hit and miss’ this time of year, I thought after yesterday morning being so good that today would be too we definitely had good conditions but the fish just weren’t happy.  I’m off tomorrow and then suppose to go out of town Wednesday but now we have to be in hurricane preparation mode for Irma which is possibly heading this way.  We will likely know for sure in the next 48 hours.  Anyhow we will be safe and hopefully back to tarpon fishing maybe sometime next week.  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing