4/2/16 Spring time tarpon fishing in Islamorada

Had another tough day today unfortunately never had a tarpon bite.  It was super busy on the water being the weekend and early spring.  I decided to run into the backcountry where I’d had luck the last few days.  We had the wind switch on us again as another mild cold front is hitting us tonight.  It won’t drop very much but the wind change doesn’t help the fishing for sure!  It was blowing 15 southwest.  Anyways we caught some sharks and a few other various things including a nice 10 lb mutton snapper.  Saw a few fish in the 2nd area we stopped in the backcountry however they didn’t respond.  Then we ran back around town and sat in the crazy boat traffic unfortunately the spot I caught one yesterday was loaded with about 8 boats fishing there and lots of jet skis etc…  I did catch about a dozen more mullet on the way over.  We tried around some of the bigger bridges where I heard the fish had bit in the morning a little but didn’t see much there.  Then we tried the local channels nearby the marina and saw a few fish but they didn’t bite, did catch some nurse sharks, bonnet heads, and that mutton snapper I mentioned.  Anyways tomorrows a new day I don’t think i’m tarpon fishing though who knows what will happen. A hard north wind and 50% chance of rain so i’ll probably be glad to be trying something else anyways.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk