4/1/16 April Tarpon Fishing Report in Islamorada

Got out after ’em today with Mark and his son Adam.  They fished offshore yesterday with my brother and adam got a couple sails, big amberjacks, and other things.  Today they wanted tarpon.  We started off around town and I had some leftover live baits.  We had the last trickle of incoming tide.  We had a tarpon up busting the baits but didn’t eat, and after the the tide quit so we ran into the backcountry.  Caught a few more mullet on the way.  In the channels back there we had some shark action and soon hooked and landed a nice 50 lb tarpon.  After that a few more sharks.  I then made a move and tried another channel.  We saw a good group of fish rolling around and I thought for sure we’d get eaten up.  We had one fish flash a live mullet and grab and spit it out real quick.  After that they disappeared.  We tried another area nearby that and hooked a big blacktip shark that we broke off eventually after he chewed through the leader.  At the end of the day we ran back towards home in Islamorada and tried the local channels.  We caught the start of the incoming tide and after 30 minutes we hooked a big 100 lb fish!  What a battle he greyhounded and ran hard to start the fight I thought we were gonna lose him in another boats anchor line but he avoided it.  Then he almost got ran over by a big boat in the channel.  Have to love spring break!  Anyways Adam did well and eventually subdued the fish and we got some good boatside pictures.   A great way to end the day with a big 100 lb tarpon on a beautiful spring afternoon in the Florida Keys.  At it again tomorrow.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk