3/27/15 Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report in late March

Fishing stayed hot today we were suppose to get some weather but it left us alone for the day.  Tonight I think we will get some rain though as we have a cold front coming in and right now moisture is pushing through ahead of it.  The wind was blowing a bit this morning southwest and falling tide right into it.  We fished around some of the bridges where I heard yesterday the fishing was very good.  I took yesterday off my first day off in a month.  But I had some dead bait already good to go and we caught a few live ones early this morning.  We put our first bait out and it instantly got blown up by a tarpon.  We missed him and eventually hooked one however it got cut off in somebodys anchor line.  Some inconsiderate person tried to anchor right down below me in between my baits, I asked them to politely move which they did though only about 20 feet over.  I figured as much would happen and they gave no effort to try to pass the line over the anchor line.  So we left and we did catch a couple fish after that and had plenty of other bites we missed.  I really lost count as it was constant action, I don’t think we went more than 10 minutes without a fish blowing up a bait.  Lots of ‘cheap shots’ too where they completely missed the bait, it was fun!  2 for 8

Capt. Rick Stanczyk