3/28/15 Late Season Cold Front Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

March is almost over and unfortunately so is the flat calm gorgeous weather window we had.  Yesterday it kicked up out of the southwest as we had an approaching cold front.  It didn’t get too cold thankfully last night but tonight it looks to drop down to 60 or so.  But it was still blowing 20-25 mph out of the North this morning.  Anyways we cut our day to a half day and fished mostly out on the patch reefs out front.  We were able to get plenty for dinner including some nice porgy, a few choice hogfish, and a couple big yellow bar jacks that fought well!  We just tried the tarpon for the last hour.  We found a few in a little area where one of the channels dump out into another channel. We set up and had some shark activity, and eventually hooked a nice little 35 lb tarpon.  Landed him and called it a day.  I’m taking another day off tomorrow and looks to be a a good one to take off with the cold weather we’ll be getting tonight and the high winds likely tomorrow.  1 for 1