6/25/18 June Tarpon Fishing Full Day Everglades

Got out with Brian, Elijah, and John today for a full day.  Tarpon and snook were on their list of species to catch.  We went after tarpon to start.  Bait was a little tough I had some leftover and we did find some back there but it was up shallow.  Tough to get lined up on them and they were spooky but eventually we got enough to fish with.  The winds kicked up a little today not crazy but not flat calm anymore, probably 10 to 15 southeast.  Also lots of rain around.  We found some tarpon where they were yesterday morning, but they did not respond today.  Just sharks and they tore us up!  We made a couple moves and then got out of there.  We tried another area for bait where I hadn’t been lately, we got a few more baits there but I think that might be good first thing in the morning so I will be trying that tomorrow as the bait was there but it was later in the morning now.  We then found some tarpon in another area and a couple other boats were set up there.  We pulled up in the middle of them and soon after hooked a double header of tarpon!  We landed both fish but Brians broke off before we could get both of them in for a double header picture.  But he got a good picture with his anyhow.  Elijah got his which was a little bigger, but both fish in the 30 to 40 lb range.  After that the tide quit and the fishing slowed down.  I decided to make a run and try to catch some snook bait, which we did and avoided more rain that was heading towards us.  We got a few snook baits and then hit a couple islands.  Brian and Elijah both caught a snook and we missed one more bite.  We then tried for tarpon again for the last hour but didn’t do much.  A few more sharks and catfish, did not see any more tarpon.  Anyways still a great day two anglers caught both of their desired species, just had to work a little harder at it to make it happen.  Winds suppose to come down a little more the next couple days and then pick up slightly for the weekend but not bad.  Fishing should remain decent!  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing