6/24/18 Tarpon Fishing in June in Islamorada

Got out with Scott, Charlie, and Roger, return customers from last year today.  We headed out into the backcountry around 6, a little later than I’ve been going.  It was a group trip and there was a little miscommunication but no worries.  Luckily there has been some fish showing up closer in the backcountry.  Bait was my main concern.  A fellow captain though was nice and made an extra throw and gave us a few, and we got lucky and got a throw on about 40 nice baits ourselves.  Right now that extra few minutes getting their at day break can really make or break your day with regard to getting the bait…  It can be catching plenty of bait in a few minutes, or spending a couple hours trying to wrangle up just enough.  So make sure to always be there at the dock on time and double check departure times especially with guys like me who like to go early!  We found fish in the channel where we got them yesterday.  We got a good one to start a nice 60 lber.  Then the sharks found us.  We moved further down and got another one, about a 50 lber.  Tide quit and we waited, moved around a bit and more sharks.  Still saw plenty of tarpon.  We made a couple more moves but just never got the tarpon going again.  Funny because yesterday they were feeding hard on the incoming tide, today not so much.  Anyways we decided to go check some other areas, and we found some more tarpon.  We ended up getting one there, a nice 75 lb fish to finish our morning.  Seems like tarpon have shown up in a lot of different places.  I’ve been waiting for this – it’s my favorite time of year when things get consistent and it’s much more easy on me lol.  I imagine the next month or so we should have really good fishing and hopefully through into August which can definitely still be good too.  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing