4/29/16 Islamorada Tarpon Report late april

Got out for a full day today with Brian and Steven.  We were after tarpon and we were loaded with fresh mullet.  Tried a channel early and not much just a shark.  Look off the beaches later and didn’t see much there either a few tarpon busting but didn’t appear to be a ton.  We did get several sharks including a nice hammerhead.  After that we caught some trout, and then tried one last spot for the silver king.  We got a few more sharks and then Brian hooked into a nice 100 lb tarpon.  Landed him and that was all she wrote we fished a little longer but things had quieted down.  Glad to have gotten one.  1 for 1

This evening I fished Ken again who had fished me a couple days earlier this week.  Last trip we didn’t get a tarpon we had a couple bites we missed, but he had gotten one the day before among some other things.  Anyways he emailed me short notice and I was good to go and conditions were favorable so I was excited to get out.  We fished around the bridges early and got a nice fish on around 7:00.  He dragged us almost a couple miles offshore after an hour battle to some patch reefs it was incredible.  Didn’t get many good pics and he came off the hook when I leadered him but a good release of a nice 75 lb fish.  After that Ken was good to go in but I wanted to get him another one so we tried one of the channels near home for a drift and hooked up on the first one.  This fish didn’t last too long and was roughly the same size though same thing we didn’t get good pics and he came off on the leader as well.  But glad to have gotten 2 for sure especially since we didn’t get ’em last time.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk