4/28/16 Everglades Tarpon Fishing in April

Got out today and we ran into the backcountry for some tarpon fishing.  Caught some good bait early in the morning so we had some freshies.  We set up in the channels and caught the last of the incoming tide.  Not much early a couple shark bites as we waited on the tide to switch which took a while as it was a weak current.  Finally around 9:15 it was moving decent and going out and we soon hooked a nice tarpon.  Landed him a big 130 lb fish!  After that we waited a bit more and then boom boom, we jumped two smaller fish in the 30-50 lb range right in a row.  Could of been a double header!  After that we waited a little more and then hooked and landed a nice 50 lber.  That was it on the tarpon we caught a few more sharks after that and some nice trout to finish the day.  Nice to see them biting a little bit.  Conditions look very nice and I think the fish should be getting happier and maybe will be in summer time mode here before we know it!  2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk