4/27/16 Morning and Evening April Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

Had Ken out this morning again we fished early 4 to 8 AM.  The tide didn’t quite get started when I thought so we drifted a different area while waiting on the tide switch.  No bites there we then ran where I’d been getting them in the mornings lately but made several drifts there with no luck.  Now 6 AM and I went out to another channel where I had caught some several mornings ago.  We did get a couple bites on 2 consecutive drifts, though didn’t hook the fish unfortunately they slurped the crabs right off after pulling a little drag.  After that we tried different tactics for the last hour, saw a few fish rolling in this area but didn’t get a response and called it a day.  0 for 2

This evening I had Rick and Jane they had fished the last few days and had hooked a few tarpon but not officially landed one yet.  We got out and I was looking for fish laying on the bottom as the tide was just starting to fall and it was clear enough to see them.  I saw one and we set up near by.  About 10 minutes after putting the baits out he slammed our live mullet and we were on!  We chased him through the bridge and what a tough fish he was.  4 different times he tried to go through the 4 legged power line concrete structures and I had to float the rod through each time.  One time the rod almost came free but luckily it held on by 1 strap!  He put on quite a show jumping and then several twists and turns around the bridge.  After 45 minutes we landed him finally, it was a total team effort as Jane hooked him, Rick fought him, and I had to maneuver the boat.  Anyways even though my reel got soaked I didn’t mind it was worth it to land such a memorable fish, luckily it was an old reel anyways!   1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk