5/26/15 Late May Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Well the winds are continuing to howl.  Today was blowing 20-25 mph all day.  We got out early and did the same routine I’ve been doing the last week and it paid off.  We got a nice fish early on within 20 minutes, about an 80 lber.  I didn’t get any pictures but we did get him boatside for some good pictures for the clients.  After that we had a cuda eat us off and then the tide quit so we ran into the backcountry.  I didn’t find much for tarpon in the backcountry and was light on bait which was tough to find back there.  But we caught some nice sharks and then bent the light rods to catch some ladyfish for bait.  But never got on the tarpon we caught a couple more big blacktips in the last hour though there was a school of fish back there just had to get lucky and get on them as they were not showing very well.  Tomorrow I have a morning half and an evening, last scheduled evening trip as of now though I may likely do some later in the summer when things slow down a little.  It can be a good time for that and not nearly as much pressure which I like.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk